Usage Of Bioidentical Hormones In Improving Libido And BHRT Facilities In Atlanta, GA.

Libido is defined as the sexual appetite of a person. Regardless of gender, libido is regulated by,

  • Brain activity
  • Hormonal causes.

A high libido induces higher desires to have sex and vice versa.

According to the WHO

“Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being in relation to sexuality”

It is not a disorder or abnormal behavior but the natural need of every living being.

Actually Bioidentical hormones Atlanta GA work by increasing the sex hormone levels in blood which are necessary for libido. Many renowned hospitals in Atlanta, GA offer their HRT services

Bioidentical hormones can be Estrogen or Testosterone are produced by artificial ways and provide source for these sex hormones. These hormones are inserted inside the human body by injections, pills, creams, or pellets.

Relation Of Hormones And Libido

At a certain age, a man/woman starts to lose interest in sex. His libido power falls due to declining hormone levels in the blood.

This state is termed menopause in women and andropause in women. It can also be due to some diseases and affects relationships.

In younger males, low testosterone levels can be the result of hypogonadism. Erectile function may remain the same in some males but low levels of testosterone result in lesser satisfaction.

Many trials say that the induction of bioidentical hormones resulted in quick results i.e. potency restoration and increased libido power but the quality of life did not improve.

Many people opt to have a hormone replacement therapy to restore their libido power. Testosterone or estrogen levels in the blood are directly related to a person’s sexual desire.

Testosterone and sexual function

  • We have no scientific reason to prove that testosterone is related to libido but multiple experiments of inducing bioidentical hormones in the body resulted in desirable results.
  • There are other reasons for low libido but still, 70% of cases are solved by testosterone replacement therapy.
  • BHRT helps improve sexual desire by promoting sexual imagination and fantasies.
  • Testosterone is also necessary for sperm production. Optimum levels of testosterone in the body are necessary for maintaining sperm count during
  • In addition to testosterone bioidentical hormones also include Estrogen which is the primary sex hormone in females.
  • Estrogen betters sexual experience by causing vaginal lubrication and induces sexual thoughts in females.

Best HRT centers in Atlanta, GA

Due to the increase in sex-related problems, many men and women go for hormone therapy.

But the libido increase does not occur suddenly. It requires long-term optimal levels of sex hormones.

Moreover, achieving these optimum levels demand to be monitored by a professional staff. Unprofessional staff will only cause a wastage of time.

Atlanta, GA has some of the best HRT centers in USA.

Bubolo Medical is undoubtedly one of the best hospitals in the States with a decent ranking. It is consistently the best HRT center in Georgia.

A proper diagnostic mechanism is carried out before the therapy to avoid any complication

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