Birth Control: Contraception

As we all know that the population has been expanding rapidly. The main concern with the increasing population is that there are limited natural resources that will no longer be able to keep up with the increasing demand. It will eventually lead to environmental changes too because with more people the world would not be an ideal place to live.

Therefore, this needs to be stopped desperately. We have to adopt preventive measures for this.

In such a manner, birth control is one of the preventive measures to control the population. Birth control is a method that is used to prevent pregnancy. A number of alternatives for controlling fertility are accessible. There are several types of contraceptive methods wherein the sterilization method is more prevalent and viable. Since sterilization is a permanent strategy for birth control, so the vast majority of us don’t want the permanent birth control method.

These days, individuals are confused about what sort of choice they are going to choose on the grounds that such a significant number of alternatives are available. As you are accountable for your own body, maintaining great physical well-being as well as sexual well-being is important. So you should watch out for a particular objective while embracing one of the birth control methods.

There are several contraception methods. A few of the contraceptive measures are mentioned below.

  1. Spermicide: It is normally a jelly, cream or foam which applied into the vagina just before intercourse. It has a chemical in it which degenerate sperms. It can be more effective when used with another method of birth control, such as a condom or diaphragm.
  2. Male Condom: It is a thin sheath that is made up of latex or polyurethane that is used by the males only. Condoms restrict the sperms to enter into the female’s body.
  3. Female Condom: This is also a thin plastic pouch that can be inserted into the vagina before sex.
  4. Contraceptive pills: It contains hormones to prevent ovulation in females. It will be very effective if it is taken at the right time.
  5. Hormonal Shots: It contains hormones that can prevent pregnancy for at least 3 months. It can be used 4 times a year.
  6. Tubectomy: It is also called permanent birth control in which the Fallopian tubes constricted by the surgeon so that the eggs cannot be fertilized.
  7. Vasectomy: After condoms, the only contraceptive method for men, wherein the tubes are closed by the surgeon which carries sperm from the testicles.
  8. IUCD (Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device): It is a device that can be placed into the uterus of a woman. It can prevent pregnancy for up to 3 to 5 years. Copper T is the most common IUCD which can prevent pregnancy for 10 years.

You can choose the birth control options/prescription by visiting a doctor or you can buy from a local drug store. But most of the time people feel ashamed about visiting the local drug store to buy birth control products. If you too hesitate to visit the local drug store, then opt for online pharmacies and get the product delivered right at your doorstep.

You can choose any of the reputed online pharmacies and browse through the categories to find the right product you are looking for. Ordering from an online Canadian pharmacy is easy and at the same time, you can maintain your privacy. It is very common to buy and it’s a big relief for people who feel ashamed of making purchases from the local drug store to buy the products online, especially when you feel ashamed to purchase this kind of product at a local store.

Thus, using contraceptives not only help to prevent pregnancies but also prevent the transmission of HIV and other STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Disease). It can reduce the chances of developing certain reproductive cancers, and also can be used to treat menstrual-related problems.

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