The Couples Drug Rehabilitation Process

When a person suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, it’s their loved ones who are the first people that will help them recover. An intervention such as drug rehabilitation is a key to recovery. For couples, one type of therapy that can help couples recover from the damage of addiction is the couple’s drug rehabilitation.

What to Expect in a Couple’s Drug Rehabilitation?

Couples drug rehab usually starts in individual therapy for the addicted individual. In this therapy, they start addressing the issues that were the cause of addiction. The intervention begins in a one-on-one session where the primary therapist helps you identify the root of the problem. Integrated with the individual therapy is the couple’s therapy, which enhances the former.

This therapy involves the spouse or partner. Counseling can be in person or through teleconference. It can also be outpatient or inpatient care. It all depends on what form of treatment is convenient for the addicted individual and their loved ones. To learn more about couples counseling, talking with a trained therapist is a great help.

The Goals of Couples Drug Rehabilitation

Couples drug and alcohol therapy helps to educate and support the client and their partner while going through the recovery process. On that note, the rehabilitation’s process’s goals include to:

  • Develop the couple’s communication skills using active listening as well as direct, honest expression of their feelings.
  • Understand the underlying psychological, emotional, and situational issues fueling addiction.
  • Teach and help the couple to learn healthy problem-solving skills.
  • Recognize the triggers of addiction and develop a personal relapse prevention program.
  • Enhance the addicted person and love ones’ understanding of drug or alcohol addiction.
  • Learn the many ways they can better support each other in this recovery journey.

Every couple’s drug rehabilitation is tailored to the issues of each client. They include personalized resources, tools, and recommendations designed for the couple’s healing journey. No matter what california rehab center you choose, the goal is always to help you gain insight and recovery skills for long-term recovery. On that note, they also provide an extensive aftercare plan along with the main rehabilitation program.

What is Couple’s Drug Rehab Like?

Typically, a rehab process includes four core steps. These are intake and detox, followed by rehab itself and lastly, the ongoing recovery. The thing about drug or alcohol rehabilitation is it is an ongoing process. Even after you have left the facility or received treatment, you will have to be strict with yourself to avoid relapse.

The recovery journey to a sober life is not easy, nor is it a quick one. This is a lifelong commitment where yours and your partner’s dedication and hard work are important. Though it is difficult, the rewards from transforming your life to recovery are immeasurable. The road to your sobriety starts easily with simple steps by entering into a couples rehab that will move you forward.

For couple’s rehab, the steps may vary depending on the specific issues of the client. The treatment plan and the needs of the person seeking rehab will also matter. However, the core elements mentioned above are often the same steps they share. Beginning with learning the cause of addiction to ongoing recovery, you can finally let go of your dependency on drugs and alcohol.

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