The Benefits of a Degree in Psychology

There’s a reason why psychology is the top major among undergraduates all over the world. Pursuing a degree in psychology is a great option for many reasons: It’s versatile, it can be used to get any number of jobs in any number of fields, and it allows students to delve into the human psyche to solve real world problems. Even if you don’t know a lot about psychology and are just curious, considering a psychology degree is always a smart move. Here are just a few reasons to pursue a psychology degree.

You Can Get Tons of Different Jobs

The things you learn while studying psychology can end up applying in places you’d never have thought even remotely related. A psychology degree can easily pave the way for a career in health informatics, data analysis, forensics, industrial psychology, and even business. Many schools will encourage psychology majors to branch out and try to figure out which specialized area of the field interests them most. For instance, Tulane University offers a variety of course options related to and within the psychology major, while USC offers a masters program in applied psychology.

Those Jobs Will Be Secure and Stable

With many majors, the job outlook after graduation simply isn’t guaranteed. It can be a struggle to find work directly related to more obscure majors or areas of focus. However, since psychology has many different subsects and basically applies to everything, the job prospects for majors are secure and plentiful. From private sector work to public and community-based services, there’s no shortage of need for licensed, professional psychologists in the workplace.

You’ll Be Able to Make a Difference

One of the most rewarding parts about a psychology major is its potential to bring people together and create a richer, deeper understanding of human nature. As a psychologist, analyst, therapist or counselor, you’ll be working directly with patients to solve conflicts and resolve deep-seated issues and paranoia. The work is challenging and sometimes heartbreaking, but at the end of the day, you’ll have made a serious difference in your patients’ lives. Even if you don’t end up working with patients, the work you end up doing in any field related to psychology will be helping to change things for the better. From business to crime to social work, psychology uses a knowledge of human behavior and history to examine and constructively problem-solve modern day conflicts in almost every area of life.

It’s Fascinating

Many students flock to psychology for the simple reason that it’s fascinating. Learning about the human mind in all its complexity is an endless, enriching task, and it only becomes more interesting the deeper you get into it. Psychology relates to everything, from why we do the things we do on a daily basis, to deeper anthropological patterns, to historical trends that keep repeating in the present. Even a cursory knowledge of psychology can help people better understand themselves in the present, and make sense of behaviors that might otherwise seem like a complete mystery.



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