Find the right sports supplements as per the choices

As you know, muscles do not grow during training, but during rest. That is why it is so important to provide the body with the resources that are necessary for a full and high-quality recovery. During training, you can expend a huge amount of energy. It is very important to replenish energy after that in order to accelerate the anabolic processes, thanks to which muscle growth will go. Consider which supplements are best for quick recovery.

Sports nutrition for immediate post-workout recovery

BCAAs are great to consume immediately after training. BCAA has a strong anabolic effect, helping to heal the resulting microtrauma faster, and providing the body with the necessary building materials.

Creatine – helps to restore creatine phosphate stores, which is used as an energy source in the first time after training. In addition, the amount of free ATP directly depends on this substance, which is also very important for recovery.

Glutamine is another very important amino acid. It speeds up the recovery process and also avoids overtraining.

Protein – provides essential amino acids, blocks cortisol and stimulates the production of anabolic hormones. They supply the body with the necessary amount of protein, providing components for the restoration of damaged tissues.

Carbohydrates – helps restore energy balance depleted after exercise. Also essential for the assimilation of protein derived from protein. However, instead of protein and carbohydrates, you can take a serving of a gainer.

Sports supplements for night recovery

In order for the anabolic processes not to stop even at night, some athletes use casein protein. It differs from other types of protein in that when it enters the body, it is very slowly absorbed. By breaking down in small portions in the digestive tract, Snac provides a prolonged supply of nutrition, and allows you to somehow eat even at night.

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