The Importance of Strength Training and How to Stay Motivated

Strength training is beneficial to anyone and everyone, no matter your age or level of experience. However, it has proven difficult to convince some people to focus on strength training as much as cardio-related exercises. A full 53 percent of Americans regularly met their physical activity guidelines for cardio exercises such as running or walking at least thirty minutes a day, according to the CDC. However, just 23.5 percent of Americans are getting to their goals on strength training. That is something that needs to change, and as a health and wellness company with more than forty years of history, Herbalife Nutrition wants to help spread awareness of the importance of strength training.

The Reasons You Need Strength Training in Your Life

Numerous benefits emerge from regular and routine strength training, including the increased ability to do everyday activities, such as lifting heavy objects or helping someone move. Additionally, you may notice an uptick in your balance and stability as well as higher levels of calorie burn when you do your routine strength training.

It’s all about getting yourself into a routine of doing these exercises in a way that will make them stick. People don’t always take the time to work on strength training, and it comes as a determent to their overall health when they neglect it.

How Can You Stay on the Right Path

There is no easy way to convince yourself to continue with strength training throughout your life, but there are some unique ways that have been proven to work for many others who have given it a shot before.

Start by creating challenges for yourself and separate them into reasonable goals that you can attain in a relatively short period. The purpose of this is to keep improving on where you were before. You are only competing against yourself, and you should try to remember this as you move along. The point is to keep getting better at the things that you already know that you are good at. As time goes on, you can lift those challenges higher and higher to keep striving for something.

Don’t forget along the way to take rest days. Your body needs one or two days a week to take a break and recover. When you over-train, you can end up damaging your ability to recover and repair, which takes away from the overall ability to make progress.

Understand that you may need constant motivation to get to where you need to be. It can help to ask someone, such as a friend or a Herbalife Nutrition coach, to take on a challenge like this with you. While you can certainly “go it alone,” having someone by your side to motivate you is a huge benefit to many people.

Finally, look at your level of patience and make sure it is in balance. You must understand that proper results take time. You are not going to get where you want to be instantly. Just stick to the plan and be patient with yourself, and it will happen.


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